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Trojan Club of Northern California

President’s Message:

An extension of the USC Athletic Department, regional Trojan Clubs provide an opportunity for all Trojans to share in the excitement of USC Athletics in their community. The clubs aim to generate school spirit, increase attendance at sporting events and build overall enthusiasm for the University of Southern California Athletic Department.

While each regional club has its own identity, clubs typically coordinate social activities, pay tribute to student-athletes, honor alumni and friends who provide support to the athletic program, and raise funds for special athletic department projects such as the improvement of athletic facilities.

There is no membership fee required to attend any of the activities organized by a regional club – anyone can attend Trojan Club activities of their choice. There will, however, be costs associated with participating in each individual event (i.e., the cost of a meal, tickets). You may inquire about getting involved with the NorCal Trojan Club through our athletic department representative, Joseph Aguirre at

Fight On!

Keith Matsuoka

Contact Us:

Mailing Address: 97 Pelican Lane, Redwood City, CA 94065

Upcoming Events

No Events

Club Officers:

Keith Matsuoka, President
Jack Schafer, Vice President
Chuck Lamb, Treasurer
Renee Atkins-Lamb, Co-Event Coordinator
Michele Rodman-Bilafer, Co-Event Coordinator
Kevin Ponti, Secretary
Kelly Matsuoka, Membership Chair
Bryan Harris, Member at Large
Kathy Yaffe, Member at Large
Carole & Lefty Conover, Member at Large