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Heritage Association

The Mission of the Heritage Association is to create a unified community among USC’s student-athlete alumni through philanthropy, in order to provide current USC student-athletes with the resources and opportunities they need to compete at the championship level.  

Our goal is to be the strongest network of alumni student-athletes in the world.  Through both engagement and philanthropy, the Heritage Association will provide the best possible resources for our coaches and student-athletes to compete at the championship level both on the field and in the classroom.  We need YOUR support to help us achieve these goals:

  • Ensure each sport has at least 50% active alumni in the Heritage Association
  • Achieve annual participation of over 50% of Trojan Athlete alumni as active members in the Heritage Association.

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Student Alumni Honor Roll

Show Honor Roll List

David Abdun-Nur Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Guy Abrahams M Track & Field
Adam Abrams Trojan Football Alumnus
Gordon Adams Trojan Football Alumnus
Norman Adams, Ph. D. Men’s Track & Field
Ryan Aeh Men’s Track & Field
Barbara Ajemian Women’s Swimming
Carl Alameda Trojan Football Alumnus
Brent Allen Men’s Track & Field
Dean Allen Men’s Rowing
Autumn Altamirano Women’s Soccer
Anca Anastasiu Women’s Tennis Alumnus
Dennis Andersen Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Wayne Anderson Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Dana Anderson Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Gerald Anderson Trojan Swimming Alumnus
John Andrews Trojan Tennis Alumnus
Dann Angeloff Trojan Crew
Kenneth Antle Trojan Football Alumnus
Joseph Antunovich Trojan Track Alumnus
Gail Archambault Women’s Diving
Keith Archer Trojan Football Alumnus
Kelli Arrivey Women’s Track & Field
Mary Aschieris W Gymnastics
Bob Avant M Track & Field
Stephen Avoyer Trojan Tennis Alumnus
Mitchell Axene Trojan Football Alumnus
Victor Ayala Trojan Football Alumnus
Laurel Ayoob Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Rink Babka M Track & Field
Dion Bailey Trojan Football Alumnus
Ernest Bain Trojan Football Alumnus
Merrill Balassone W Track & Field
Jay Ballantyne Trojan Football Alumnus
Dean Balzarett Men’s Track & Field
Dan Bane Trojan Baseball Alumnus
John Barron Men’s Golf
Allan Barry Trojan Football Alumnus
Stephen Batcheller Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Joseph Batyko Trojan Golf Alumnus
William Bau Trojan Crew
Tamara Baumann W Track & Field
Jack Beckner M Gymnastics
William Bedford Trojan Golf Alumnus
Hal Bedsole Trojan Football Alumnus
Shannon Bell W Golf
Mark Beltran Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Farren Benjamin Men’s Track & Field
Kristen Berglas W Track & Field
James Bernick Men’s Track & Field
Zoltan Berty Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Sara Bettge Women’s Track & Field
Bill Betz Trojan Football Alumnus
Donald Biasotti Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Brent Bickett Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Steve Bisheff Hall of Fame – Media
Charles Bitzer Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
John Blair Trojan Football Alumnus
David Blankenship Trojan Tennis Alumnus
Cynthia Blatt Women’s Swimming
David Blu Men’s Basketball
Ja Maiia Bond Women’s Basketball
Julian Bonse Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Karin Borchard Women’s Volleyball Alumnus
Anthony Borquez Trojan Track Alumnus
Helen Bothwell Trojan Crew
Tri Bourne Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Bob Boyd Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Robert Boyer Trojan Football Alumnus
Heidi Brandl Women’s Soccer
Gregg Brandow Trojan Track Alumnus
John “Mickey” Bratney Men’s Rowing
Lauren Brecht Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Steven Brende Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Cynthia Brennan Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Hoby Brenner Trojan Football Alumnus
Burleigh Brewer Trojan Crew
Keith Brinkman Trojan Crew
John Brockman Trojan Basketball
Richard Brombach Trojan Track Alumnus
Lisa Broughton  
David Brown Trojan Football Alumnus
Justin Brown Trojan Football Alumnus
Robert Brown Trojan Football Alumnus
Dave Brubaker M Track & Field
Warner Brundage Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Laura Buckingham Trojan Crew
Robert Buckley Trojan Football Alumnus
Donald Buford Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Gary Buntmann Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Kevin Burke Men’s Water Polo
Jeffrey Byers Trojan Football Alumnus
Kimberly Calabrano Women’s Tennis Alumnus
Erik Calcott Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Kent Caldwell Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Bradley Callahan Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Bart Campbell Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Sharon Cannon Women’s Volleyball
Thomas Capehart Trojan Swimming Alumnus
David Capelouto Trojan Football Alumnus
Alexander Cappello Trojan Track Alumnus
Gerard Cappello Trojan Track Alumnus
Patty Cardenas W Waterpolo
Mike Caretto Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Wayne Carlander Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Eric Carlson Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Torie Carlson Women’s Swimming Alumnus
James Carmack Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Mike Carpenter Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Pete Carroll Trojan Football Alumnus
Pat Carter  
Robert Carver Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Benjamin Cary Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Wayne Casey  
John Caskey Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Hal Cassriel Trojan Golf Alumnus
Thomas Chatham Trojan Football Alumnus
Regina Cheek W Rowing
Brad Cherry Trojan Tennis Alumnus
James Childs Trojan Track Alumnus
Christie Ciraulo Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Diane Clardy-Crystal Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Robert Clarke Trojan Crew
Robert Clarke Trojan Track Alumnus
Robert Clemo Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Edward Cleveland Trojan Crew
Marvin Cobb Trojan Football Alumnus
Gary Cogorno Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
John Cole Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
John Colich Trojan Track Alumnus
James Collins Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Cynthia Cooper Dyke Women’s Basketball Alumnus
Alexandrea Cormier Women’s Track & Field
Douglas Corrigan Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Wayne Cowie Men’s Water Polo
Allen Cowlings Trojan Football Alumnus
James Cox Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Leroy Cox M Track & Field
John Crabtree Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Steven Craig M Track & Field
Dyann Crosby Women’s Basketball Alumnus
Lindon Crow Football
Charles Culp Trojan Tennis Alumnus
John W. Cummings Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Lisa Daily Trojan Football Alumnus
Leslie Daland-James Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Ed Daley Rowing
Joseph Davis  
Clarence Davis Trojan Football Alumnus
Liane Daye  
Anthony Daye Trojan Football Alumnus
Joseph De Falco Men’s Track & Field
Barbara De Groot Women’s Tennis Alumnus
Samuel De La Garza Men’s Track & Field
R. (Justin) Dedeaux Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Brett Dedeaux Trojan Tennis Alumnus
Terry Dedeaux  
John Demirjian Football
Robert Dennis M Track & Field
Dell DeRevere Men’s Track & Field
Rigo Diaz Trojan Football Alumnus
Susan Dibernardo Women’s Volleyball Alumnus
Paul Dix Trojan Football Alumnus
Peter Doder Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Brooke Doi W Track & Field
Lisa Dorman-Ran Women’s Swimming Alumnus
David Dornsife Trojan Track Alumnus
Tracy Droste Nakamura W Golf
Patrick Duffy Trojan Golf Alumnus
Sandy Durko Trojan Football Alumnus
James Duvall Trojan Crew
Rudy Dvorak Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Aaron Dyer Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Joseph E. Davis III Football
Douglas Econn Trojan Basketball Alumnus
James Eddy Men’s Swimming
Park Eddy Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
O. (Vic) Edelbrock Trojan Crew
Fred Edwards Trojan Football Alumnus
Gary Edwards Men’s Water Polo
Berkley Eichel Trojan Tennis Alumnus
Ronald Ellico Trojan Crew
L. Joe Enloe Cross Country
Karl Enockson M Track & Field
Karl Enockson M Track & Field
Leyla Entekhabi Women’s Tennis Alumnus
Tanner Eriksen Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Jack Eriksmoen Trojan Crew
Mark Esbensen Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Joe Eskew Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Landon Exley Trojan Football Alumnus
Marc Fairon Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Josh Feldman Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Orlando Ferrante Trojan Football Alumnus
Michael Fiore Trojan Track Alumnus
Stephen Firenze M Track & Field
Tom Fish Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Tom Fish Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Robert Fisk Trojan Football Alumnus
Yolanda Fletcher Women’s Basketball Alumnus
Miguel Fletcher M Track & Field
Abraham Flores M Track & Field
Peter Fluor Trojan Golf Alumnus
Andrew Fohrer Men’s Golf
Michael Foley Trojan Football Alumnus
George Follett Trojan Football Alumnus
William Foote Trojan Crew
Brian Foss Trojan Swimming Alumnus
James Fowler Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Robert Francis Trojan Crew
Gregory (Greg) Franklin Trojan Crew
Todd Freeman Gymnastics
Tammy Freeman Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Daniel Friedman Trojan Crew
Stephen Fryer M Track & Field
Bruce Furniss Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Steve Furniss Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Craig Furniss Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Darren Gallaway Trojan Football Alumnus
Gordon Gardner Trojan Football Alumnus
Sharilyn Gardner Women’s Swimming
Rob Garibaldi Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Matthew Gee Trojan Football Alumnus
Bruce Gelker Trojan Football Alumnus
Robert Gerst Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Patrick Gibson Men’s Track & Field
Sam Giesy Trojan Football Alumnus
Larry Gilbert M Track & Field
Sarah Gill W Waterpolo
James (Tony) Gleason Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Michael Gless Trojan Swimming Alumnus
David Glogow Trojan Track Alumnus
Moises Gonzales Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Timothy Gooch Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Ruben Goodsell Trojan Basketball Alumus
Ted Gorrell Trojan Football Alumnus
James Goss Trojan Tennis Alumnus
Stanley Gottlieb Trojan Crew
Allan Graf Trojan Football Alumnus
Richard Grande Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Kevin Grant Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Michael Gray Men’s Rowing
Julie Green Women’s Basketball Alumnus
Daniel Greenbaum Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Roland Greenberg Trojan Football Alumnus
James Griffith Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Brendan Grubbs Trojan Water Polo
Norman Grundy Men’s Track & Field
Sabrina Guillebeaux Women’s Tennis Alumnus
Susan Habernigg Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Paul Hackett Trojan Crew
Patrick Haden Trojan Football Alumnus
Gerald Hagy Trojan Football Alumnus
Bobby Hampton Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Mike Haney Trojan Golf Alumnus
Yannick Hanfmann Trojan Tennis Alumnus
Ralph Hanley Trojan Football Alumnus
Richard Hannula Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Carl Hansen Trojan Football Alumnus
Jim Hardy Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Greg Hargrave Trojan Swimming Alumnus
James (Pat) Harrison Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Justin Hart Trojan Football Alumnus
Jodi Hartman Women’s Soccer
Donald Hause Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Brian Hayes Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Debi Hayos Women’s Swimming
Bill Hedekin Men’s Rowing
Barbara Hedges Hall of Fame
Kaia Hedlund Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Brian Henderson Trojan Golf Alumnus
William Herrera Trojan Golf Alumnus
Robert Hertel Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Dean Hestrup Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Johnathan Hewko Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Jordan Hewko Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Stephanie Hickerson Women’s Golf Alumnus
Daniel Hightower Trojan Crew
Elizabeth Hilger Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Frederick Hill Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Curt Himebauch Trojan Football Alumnus
Matthew Himmelman Trojan Water Polo
Samantha Hirschmann Women’s Volleyball Alumnus
James Hirschmann Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Ernest Hix Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Chip Hobson Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Kevin Hogan Men’s Track & Field
John Hogue Trojan Football Alumnus
Joseph Hohm Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Lawrence Hom Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Gary Hood Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Richard Hoppe Trojan Crew
Carl Horn Trojan Football Alumnus
Maynard Horst Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Tim Hourigan Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Thomas House Trojan Baseball Alumnus
John House Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Clayton Hovivian Trojan Football Alumnus
Tim Hovland Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Capucine Hoybach Women’s Volleyball
Kilee Hughes Women’s Volleyball Alumnus
Michael Hugill Trojan Crew
Ken Huizenga Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Mara Hunter Redden Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Michael Huntsman Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Matthew Hurray Trojan Football Alumnus
Roy Irvin Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Kelly Irvin Sand Volleyball
Donny Isaak Trojan Tennis Alumnus
Bryan Ivie Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Alec Jaffe Football
Deborah Jansen Women’s Basketball Alumnus
Ralph Jensen Men’s Rowing
Margot Jenson Neufeld Women’s Rowing
Christopher Johnson Men’s Track & Field
Max Johnson Men’s Track & Field
Paul Johnson Trojan Football Alumnus
Jahi Johnson Trojan Football Alumnus
John Johnson Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Eddie Johnson Trojan Football Alumnus
Rex Johnston Trojan Football Alumnus
William Johnstone Trojan Crew
Penn Jones Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Dejon Joyner Men’s Track & Field
Tiffany Kahnen W Waterpolo
Robert Kaiser Trojan Football Alumnus
Ryan Kalil Trojan Football Alumnus
Matthew Kalil Trojan Football Alumnus
John Katnik Trojan Football Alumnus
Kyle Kazan Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Rachael Kehoe Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Roderick Keller Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Steven Kemp Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Jack Kennedy Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Parker Kennedy Trojan Track Alumnus
Ian Kennedy Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Leonard (Len) Kennett Trojan Golf Alumnus
Peter Kenney Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Tom Kenster M Track & Field
S. Keshtkar Trojan Crew
Harry Khasigian Trojan Football Alumnus
Wayne Kidder Men’s Swimming
Russell Kidder Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Nancy Kindelan Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Lee King Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Wende King W Gymnastics
Sharon Kinney Women’s Track & Field
Meghan Kinslow Sailing
Gary Kirner Trojan Football Alumnus
Steve Klassen M Track & Field
David Kleiman Men’s Gymnastics
Peter Kling Men’s Rowing
Christian Knowles Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Matthew Koart Trojan Football Alumnus
Michael Koch Trojan Water Polo
Jeffrey Kolesnik Trojan Water Polo
Kathryn Kranhold Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Bryan Krill M Track & Field
Russell Krodell Trojan Football Alumnus
John Kroesche Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Roger Kroll Trojan Crew
Kenneth Krueger Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Kenneth Kruger Trojan Tennis Alumnus
Eric Kurimura Trojan Crew
David Kurrasch Trojan Football Alumnus
Mark Kwok Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Marcel Lachemann Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Michael Lambert Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Kenneth Lamont Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Lance Larson Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Lance Larson, Jr. Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Cathy Lass Trojan Crew
Stephanie Lavayen W Waterpolo
William Lazzerini Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Robert Leach Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Richard Leach Trojan Tennis Alumnus
Bernard Leckie Trojan Crew
Howard Lee Trojan Tennis Alumnus
Suzette Lee Women’s Volleyball Alumnus
Charles (Chuck) Leimbach Trojan Crew
Michael Lewis Trojan Football Alumnus
John Lewis Trojan Football Alumnus
Paul Lewis Trojan Football Alumnus
Hongping Li Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Anna Liberovsky W Rowing
Perry Lindberg Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Karl Lindegren Trojan Crew
David Lindquist Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Marshall Linn Trojan Track Alumnus
Albin Littell Trojan Crew
Stephanie London  
Gerald Lopopolo Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Ronnie Lott Trojan Football Alumnus
Marvin Lotz Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Carol Louisell Women’s Gymnastics
Jack Lovrich Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Peter Lubisich Trojan Football Alumnus
Alan Ludecke Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Bruce Luizzi Men’s Track & Field
Thomas Lupo Trojan Football Alumnus
Robert Lutz Trojan Tennis Alumnus
David Luzan Trojan Football Alumnus
Bryan Lynn Men’s Golf
Philip MacDonald Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Jim Maddux Trojan Football Alumnus
Melissa Madrid W Waterpolo
Robert Mahan Trojan Crew
Richard Mahdesian Trojan Football Alumnus
Bruce Manson Trojan Tennis Alumnus
Jenelle Marsh-Mullet W Rowing
Finla Martin Men’s Track & Field
Suzzanna Martinez Women’s Soccer Alum
Dagan Massey Women’s Track & Field
Keith Matsuoka M Track & Field
Thomas Matthews Trojan Crew
Tom Maudlin Trojan Football Alumnus
Gregg Mayfield Trojan Crew
Arthur Mazmanian Trojan Baseball Alumnus
John Mazur Trojan Football Alumnus
Claudia Mc Kibbin Women’s Volleyball Alumnus
Robert (Bob) McCaffrey Trojan Football Alumnus
Michael (Mike) McCall Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Lowry McCaslin Trojan Crew
Ryan McClellan Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
James McConica Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Paige McDaniel Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Chip McDaniel Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Michael McDermott Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Charles McDonald Trojan Football Alumnus
Michael McDonald Trojan Football Alumnus
Don McFarland Trojan Football Alumnus
Richard McGeagh Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Mike McGlennon Trojan Water Polo
Jennifer McGrath W Waterpolo
Sheila McInerney Women’s Tennis Alumnus
John McKay Trojan Football Alumnus
Alexander McMahon Trojan Football Alumnus
John McNamee Trojan Crew
Steven Melbourne Trojan Crew
Erin (Esbensen) Merry Women’s Water Polo
Kathleen Metcalf Women’s Volleyball Alumnus
Grant Meyer Trojan Golf Alumnus
Greg Michaels Trojan Tennis Alumnus
Robert Mika Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Charles Milam Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Sharon Millar Groff Women’s Basketball Alumnus
Gretchen Miller Women’s Tennis Alumnus
Todd Miller Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Inger Miller Women’s Track & Field
Portia Mitchell Women’s Basketball Alumnus
Rob Mitchell Men’s Volleyball
Katrina Moiso Women’s Volleyball Alumnus
Ari Monosson Men’s Track & Field
Tasha Monroe W Waterpolo
Thomas Moore Trojan Crew
Earl Morley Trojan Golf Alumnus
Dan Morovick Trojan Football Alumnus
Alex Morrison Trojan Football Alumnus
John Morrisset Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Andrew Morrow Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Andrew Morrow Jr. Men’s Track & Field
Janet Muff Women’s Swimming
Donald Mullane Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Stan Mullin Trojan Crew
Annemarie Munk  
Katherine Murbach Patel Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Gerald Murphy  
Jason Murray Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Richard (Rick) Muth Trojan Track Alumnus
Rick Muth M Track & Field
Jon Nakamura Men’s Swimming
Mike Navarro Men’s Gymnastics
David Neidhardt Jr. Trojan Football Alumnus
Jeanne Neville Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Samuel Nicholson Men’s Track & Field
Jacqui Nicoletti-McSorley W Golf
Nick Nieman Men’s Water Polo
Jack Nix Trojan Football Alumnus
John Nootbaar Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Jeremy Nork Trojan Crew
Mimi Numano Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Kendall Nungesser Trojan Football Alumnus
Richard Nunis Trojan Football Alumnus
Michael Nyeholt Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Douglas O’Donnell Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Erin O’Donnell Women’s Water Polo
Kristofer O’dowd Trojan Football Alumnus
Erin O’Kane Allen Women’s Swimming
Clayton Olivier Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Barbara Olson Trojan Crew
Frederick Olson Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Katie Olsovsky Women’s Volleyball Alumnus
Timothy O’Mara Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Omar Oraby Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Ron Orr Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Daniel Orr Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
JJ Owen Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Richard Oxford Trojan Tennis Alumnus
Spencer Pabst Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Robert Padgett Trojan Crew
Toby Page Trojan Football Alumnus
Otis Page Trojan Football Alumnus
Kristi Painter Women’s Swimming
Elizabeth Palmer Trojan Crew
Carson Palmer Trojan Football Alumnus
John Papadakis Trojan Football Alumnus
Nick Pappas Men’s Track & Field
Jerry Parker Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Lindsay Parker Women’s Soccer Alum
Teresa Pascuzzo Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Derek Patao Trojan Golf Alumnus
Douglas Patrick Trojan Football Alumnus
Kyle Patterson Trojan Football Alumnus
Megan Peitzke Women’s Soccer Alum
Tucker Peleuses Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Frank Pennachio Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Christopher Penrose Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Bob Perlberg Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Bruce Perlmuth Trojan Golf Alumnus
Derek Perren Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Robby Perrino Trojan Baseball Alumnus
John Perry Trojan Football Alumnus
Sara Peterson Women’s Volleyball Alumnus
Christine Petrilli Divers
Shannon Phillips Trojan Crew
Fredric Pierce Trojan Football Alumnus
Samuel Pievac Trojan Track Alumnus
Barry Plaga Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Trent Pollard Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
J. Popovich Trojan Crew
Kimberly Popp Divers
John Porter Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Jack Porter Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Jeff Powers Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Daniel Prager Men’s Track & Field
Allan Preusch Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Mark Prior Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Gregory Probert Trojan Crew
Donald Proul Trojan Crew
Albert Prukop Trojan Football Alumnus
Kenneth Puryear Trojan Crew
Erin Quillen Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Robert Raban Trojan Crew
Rick Raczka Men’s Baseball
William Rakow Trojan Football Alumnus
Louis Ramirez Trojan Football Alumnus
Joanne Rapadas W Track & Field
Stephen Rasch Trojan Crew
Robert Rasch Trojan crew
Tracy Rath Women’s Basketball Alumnus
Beau Rawi Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Michael Reed Trojan Football Alumnus
Taine Reed W Track & Field
Rudy Regalado Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Eric Reimer Trojan Golf Alumnus
Brett Reynolds Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Doug Rich Trojan Baseball Alumnus
James Richardson Trojan Golf Alumnus
Ramy Rizkana Trojan Football Alumnus
Amanda Roach Stromsborg Women’s Soccer Alum
CR Roberts Trojan Football Alumnus
Randy Robertson Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Caitlin Robinson Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Alessandra Robinson Women’s Basketball Alumnus
Robert Rodriguez Trojan Football Alumnus
Dan Rogers Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Frank Ronald Trojan Football Alumnus
George Root Men’s Track & Field
Meredith Rosenthal Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Bernard Rosenthal Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Suzanne Rosso De La Fuente W Rowing
Dustin Rowe Trojan Football Alumnus
Clifford Rowe Football
Frostee Rucker Trojan Football Alumnus
David Ruderman Trojan Football Alumnus
John Rudometkin Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Kevin Ryan Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Larry Sagouspe Trojan Football Alumnus
Laura Saiki Men’s Golf
Kim Saiki-Maloney Women’s Golf
Paul Salata Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Michael Salmon Trojan Football Alumnus
Bruce Sanborn Trojan Tennis Alumnus
Mark Sanchez Trojan Football Alumnus
Yamen Sanders Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Shannon Santoni Women’s Volleyball Alumnus
Daniel Saunders Trojan Crew
George Scalise Trojan Golf Alumnus
Dennis Scannell Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Gary Schaar Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Martin Schiller Trojan Tennis Alumnus
James Schlecht Trojan Football Alumnus
Rich Schlenker Trojan Crew
Tyler Schlenker Trojan Swim Alumnus
Karen Schlenker Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Robert Schmidt Trojan Football Alumnus
Dean Schneider Trojan Football Alumnus
Frank Schulz Men’s Water Polo
Chuck Schulz M Track & Field
John Schumacher Trojan Crew
Andrew Schwartz Trojan Crew
Ron Scott Baseball
Kevin Seberg Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Caroline Sederowsky W Rowing
Thomas Selleck Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Robert Selleck Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Sidney Semon Trojan Baseball Alumnus
William Semple  
Deny Sepaher Men’s Track & Field
Leeanne Sera Women’s Basketball Alumnus
Michael Serpa Trojan Football Alumnus
Paola Sessarego Women’s Tennis Alumnus
Valorie Seyfert Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Ron Shackelford Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Steven Shandrick Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Lynn Shapiro Trojan Crew
Duncan Shaw Trojan Golf Alumnus
Gerald Shaw Trojan Football Alumnus
Bradley Shaw Trojan Golf Alumnus
John Shea Trojan Crew
Drew Sheward Men’s Volleyball
Erin Shilling  
James Shontere Trojan Crew
Alby Silvera Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Michael Simmons Women’s Basketball Alumnus
Leon Singleton Trojan Football Alumnus
Hannah Sink Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Theodore Smith Men’s Track & Field
Kristen Smith Women’s Basketball Alumnus
Clifton Smith Trojan Crew
Kevin Smith Men’s Track & Field
Trent Smith Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Stanley Smith Trojan Tennis Alumnus
Thomas Smith Administrator
Red Smith Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Chad Smith Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Scott Sollee Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Conrad Solum Trojan Crew
Michael Solum Trojan Football Alumnus
Robert Sonheim Trojan Football Alumnus
Verle Sorgen Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Alfred Spaeter Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Donna Lee Sperry M Track & Field
Mark Spino Trojan Football Alumnus
Mark Sprague M Cross County
Diane Stalder Women’s Tennis Alumnus
Trent Staley Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Kim Stansfield Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Dana Starner Trojan Crew
Heliane Steden Women’s Tennis Alumnus
Mark Steevens Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Samuel Stein Trojan Swim Alumnus
Nathan Steinbacher Trojan Football Alumnus
Jeffrey Steinberg Men’s Track & Field
Paul Steinke Men’s Rowing
Robert Stephenson Trojan Football Alumnus
William Stetson Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Lawrence Stevens Men’s Track & Field
James Steveson Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Dave Stockton Trojan Golf Alumnus (Hall of Fame)
Brad Streelman Trojan Football Alumnus
Douglas Street Trojan Crew
Guilbert Stroschein Trojan Football Alumnus
Theodore Stroscher Trojan Track Alumnus
Scott Stuckman M Track & Field
TJ Sutherlin Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Donald Suxho Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Patrick Swanson Trojan Football Alumnus
Kevin Swick Trojan Baseball Alumnus
William Swisshelm Men’s Track
Michael Tahmoush Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Charles Talbert Trojan Crew
Dana Taschner Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Franklin Taylor Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Michael Taylor Trojan Football Alumnus
William Thom Trojan Baseball Alumnus
David Thompson Trojan Crew
Robert Thompson Trojan Crew
Ian Thompson Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Arthur “Joe” Thompson Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Kirk Thorell Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Dick Thornburgh Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Jack Tingley Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Andrew Tinseth Men’s Water Polo
William Tipton Trojan Golf Alumnus
Steve Titus Men’s Golf
Gregory Tonkovich Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Hillard Torgan Men’s Track & Field
Kristen Travers Women’s Basketball Alumnus
Jack Treier Trojan Football Alumnus
Bill Troost Trojan Crew
Arthur Tuverson Trojan Crew
Wilfred Uytengsu Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Mike Uznis M Sailing
Katie Valdes W Cross Country
Michael Van Raaphorst Trojan Football Alumnus
Robert Van’T Hof Trojan Tennis Alumnus
Jeanne Vetter Women’s Volleyball Alumnus
Morgan Vickers W Waterpolo
Theophile Viltz Trojan Football Alumnus
Raymond Vincent Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Perry Viscounty Men’s Water Polo
Renee Viveros Women’s Swimming Alumnus
Donald Voyne Trojan Football Alumnus
Richard Wagner Trojan Swimming Alumnus
James Walker Trojan Football Alumnus
Leah Walker Trojan Football Alumnus
Mark Wapnick Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Melissa Ward Women’s Basketball Alumnus
Leland Waters Trojan Track Alumnus
George Watson Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Alan Waxman Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Sabrina Wazzan Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Douglas Weaver Trojan Football Alumnus
John Weber Trojan Football Alumnus
Raymond Weber  
Phillip Weinberg Men’s Track & Field
Phil Weinberg M Track & Field
Stuart Weinstein Trojan Track Alumnus
Patty Weirich Men’s Track & Field
Richard Weise Trojan Crew
Paula Weishoff Women’s Volleyball Alumnus
James Wells Trojan Swimming Alumnus
John Werhas Trojan Basketball Alumnus (Hall of Fame)
David Westhem Trojan Crew
Michael Westra Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Robert Wheatley Trojan Basketball Alumnus
Duane White Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Paul White Trojan Crew
Anne White Women’s Tennis Alumnus
Scott Whitehead Trojan Crew
Phil Whitesell Trojan Tennis Alumnus
Rachel Whitlow Women’s Basketball
Rod Wilger Men’s Track & Field
Tamryn Wilkins Women’s Basketball Alumnus
John Williams Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Stephen Wilson Men’s Track & Field
David Wilson Trojan Football Alumnus
Rhonda Windham Women’s Basketball Alumnus
Gary Winslow Trojan Football Alumnus
Stanley Winston Trojan Tennis Alumnus
Joseph Wirht Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Troy Wirth Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
James Withers Trojan Baseball Alumnus
Donald Wolter Trojan Football Alumnus
Louis Wong Trojan Track Alumnus
Richard Marlow Wood Trojan Football Alumnus
Gabe Woodward Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Kyle Wootten Trojan Water Polo Alumnus
Gale Wyckoff W Gymnastics
Teruo Yamamoto Football
Brian Yep Men’s Swimming
Kelvin Yew Men’s Swimming
Elmer Yochum Men’s Rowing
Robert Yoder Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Paul Yoder Trojan Volleyball Alumnus
Erin L. Yoder Women’s Volleyball Alumnus
Jim York Trojan Tennis Alumnus
John Young Trojan Swimming Alumnus
Eric Younger Men’s Track & Field
Pierre Zado Trojan Football Alumnus
Lauri Zagzebski Women’s Volleyball Alumnus
Ted Zakaryan Trojan Football Alumnus
Gerald Zar Trojan Golf Alumnus
Chris Zavatsky Trojan Baseball Alumnus


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