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 Parent Co-Chairs Message


Welcome to TAPA!

My name is Jeff Benjamin and my wife, Toddy, and I will be serving as your TAPA Co-Chairs for the 2013-14 school year.  We could not be more excited to meet each and every one of you as well as your son/daughter/grandchildren at our TAPA events this upcoming year.  What has made Toddy and I so passionate about supporting the TAPA organization and the USC athletic department is how much of an impact USC athletics made on our daughter’s life during her four years at USC.  Our daughter, Farren, was a hammer thrower on USC’s track and field team from 2009-2013 and even a small sport such as the hammer throw has completely changed her life.  Farren took advantage of every opportunity she had as a student-athlete as she served as Trojan Athletic Senate President, worked for the sports information department and for USC’s football team.  She loved it so much she encouraged us as parents to get involved in any way we could –Toddy and I haven’t looked back since.  We have met so many great parents, families, and fellow student-athletes while attending numerous sporting events, pre-game meals, athletic department functions that Toddy and I feel as if we are Trojan alumni as well.  We have no doubt that you will benefit in some way from being a member of TAPA and we are excited to guide you through some of the things our busy kids may not have time to inform us of while they are busy practicing on the field and in the classroom.

Benefits of Becoming a TAPA Member

There are many benefits of being a member of TAPA but one of the most prominent advantages to this association is staying in close contact with other Trojan parents and being informed of numerous events that are on campus that other parents may not know about.  Below is just a short list of the benefits of joining TAPA.

  • Newsletter – You will receive an exclusive TAPA newsletter every other month to keep you informed of athletic events, TAPA events, and other information pertaining to USC athletics. 
  • TAPA “Swag” – This year we are introducing TAPA backpacks that are solely for TAPA parents.  They will be great to take to sporting events and also help us identify with each other!  If our kids all get backpacks for being athletes, we figured we would join the club!
  • Cardinal & Gold Tailgate – C&G tailgate is usually only available to Trojan Athletic Fund members and their guests, but we at TAPA have opened this event to allow TAPA parents to register for the tailgate as well.  It is held during every home football game at the Sports Arena and includes food, drinks, alcohol and a private walk-thru of the Trojan football team.
  • Exclusive Athletic Event Parties – In the past TAPA parents have been invited to luxury suites in the Galen Center for volleyball and basketball games, exclusive tours of the new John McKay Center (USC’s newest all-sports facility), press box and cocktail hour at the Coliseum for USC’s inaugural women’s lacrosse game, luncheons at Swim with Mike event and much more.

We look forward to sharing these experiences with you and your family this season! 

Fight On!

Jeff and Toddy Benjamin
TAPA Parent Co-Chairs

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Parent Representatives

We are looking for parent representatives from all 21 of our men’s and women’s teams at USC, if you are interested please contact Scott Jacobson 213-740-2498 or Gregg Millward 213-821-0754