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We ask you to join us in support of our important endeavor to endow all off our student-athlete scholarships. Become a LegaSC member at one of the levels listed below, and help us guarantee the future of USC Athletics!

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Contact Us

For more information regarding endowment giving, please call USC Athletic Development at (213) 740-4155 or email us at taf@usc.edu.


The Investment

Based on a 5% annual payout, $1,450,000 is needed in order to fully fund the $72,000+ cost of a scholarship for one student-athlete.

Cost for one scholarship student-athlete recipient:

Tuition, fees & books: $55,523

Room/board: $14,886

Personal and Misc.: $1,324

Transportation:  $540

Total cost of attendance per student-athlete*: $72.273

*Based on 2017/2018 academic year

The Return

  •  126 national team titles and 386 individual titles since 1962.
  •  51 NCAA post-graduate scholarships.
  • 33 first-team Academic All-Americans.
  •  451 Olympians with 144 gold, 167 silver and 140 67 bronze medals.
  • 11 National Football Titles and 6 Heisman Trophies.