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Giving Levels & Benefits

As with the cost of living, the costs of athletic scholarships are constantly on the rise and have been increasing at a rate of roughly 5% per year over the last decade. That equates to a student-athlete scholarship expenditure of almost $14 million annually. Considering that this does not include all other costs associated with supporting our student-athletes’ success such as travel, medical care, equipment and coaches salaries, we have a large challenge to meet each year.

Fostering the success of our student-athletes both on and off the field is a job that cannot be done alone. The ability to provide scholarships, athletic facilities and a first-rate staff is dependent upon the generosity of individuals like you.

It’s easy to become part of the Trojan Athletic Fund! Show your dedication and spirit by becoming involved in one of our many support groups. Contributors receive valuable benefits while helping to support USC Athletics. Our different levels of support include:

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