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Help us recruit!

Recruiting is vital to USC’s success. Our coaches travel over 600,000 miles and book over 300 flights each year to find the best and brightest student-athletes from all over the world. It takes a budget of over $1 million annually to cover our recruiting costs. Finding the student-athletes you enjoy watching on the field, in the pool, and on the court all starts here.

You can help by joining the Trojan Club or donating to Trojan Recruiting. When you make a contribution to Trojan Recruiting you are helping our coaches find the next generation of USC greats.  If you donate at any of the levels listed below you will receive  an annual membership in the Trojan Club.


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Click here to sign up for the Trojan Club or donate to Trojan Recruiting or print a membership application!

Trojan Huddle

Join us at this year’s Trojan Huddle! More information can be found here – 2017 Trojan Huddle Invite & RSVP.

Contact Us

For more information regarding annual memberships, please call USC Athletic Development at (213) 740-4155 or email us at